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Linda Halliburton

~ Serving with Love ~





I have been caring for the elderly for over 20 years: I take pride in the fact that I provide high quality care, a peaceful & joyful environment and the required safety that is needed for their aging years.

Asserting safety, peace & well-being.  I specialize in Holistic Care but can accommodate any lifestyle, culture &/or condition.


Working for the highest good of all concerned.  Compassionately yet with great confidence & assertiveness.


~ Impeccable work ethics with verifying references & letters of recommendation ~


About me

I am a Home Health Aide - Caregiver Companion specializing in Holistic Care.  

I have impeccable work ethics, a spotless  background record & excellent driving skills.  With over 20 years of global experience I now serve south central Florida.  

Even thought I am not a nurse my  experience has been caring for the medically compromised.   A full Hands On experience regarding many of the afflictions that concern the elderly both mentally, emotionally & physically.       

Please read at your leisure!

Dedication - Experience


I am a compassionate caregiver providing companionship, security, delicious meals & an overall pleasant experience.

I take my job very seriously without loosing my sense of humor (or happy demeanor). I do provide a nurturing & safe environment - and happiness is the order of the day!

Great care is given to even the smallest details.     l go by the rules & l am very careful to report any behavioral, emotional &/or physical changes as it is required of me.   Going the extra mile without imposing l do very well.   

If quiet/private time is needed I can accommodate without neglecting!   My protective nature is never overbearing nor imposing.   My vigilance continues without interfering with your own personal freedoms.

I take great pride in my capacity to enrich the well being of those l care for.    Whatever the  lifestyle, culture &/or preferences l can accommodate joyfully.

I've had an immense kaleidoscope of diverse experiences with clients from all walks of life.  It is my desire to provided the best care in most loving, compassionate intelligent ways that can benefit the whole.  Your loved one is in good hands with me! 

If you are looking for a sweet, intelligent, honourable person to have invigorating conversations, have the best care & most wonderful companionship - look no further!


  • Dementia - Alzeimers  (moderate & advanced). 

  • Full Mental Incapacitation

  • Bipolar

  • Anxiety - Night Fears - Paranoia

  • Diabetes:  Monitoring Devices.  Proper injection to site.  Immediate discharge of used needles. Registering all numerics.  Monitoring proper dietary protocol.  Purchasing all foods & products needed for a safe, comfortable & stable Diabetic lifestyle.   

  • Dialysis dietary protocol: adjusting alimentation to sustain kidney functionality (careful interactions between Sodium/Potassium ingestion).  

  • COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • Risk of fall 

  • Food allergies 

  • Chemical &/or environmental allergies.

  • Fecal & Urinary Incontinence:  Proper diaper change & gentle yet thorough hygienic protocol.

  • Constipation: Staying alert to dehydration after forced bowel movement.  (electrolyte solution)

  • Vitals check: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate (pulse),  Oxygen, Temperature. 

  • Electrolyte balance & restoration (easy/quick).  

  • Exercises & Fresh Air, Sun nutrition (Vit D).

  • Ageing debilitations (mental, emotional, physical)

  • Staying alert to new things may come daily . 

  • Overnight experience (providing safety & security while you nurture in your sleep)

My specifics with Dementia.

Keys to stabilizing Dementia:

Patience, Unconditional Love & Very Little Change is  key for successful interactions with those afflicted with Dementia.  Big changes or adverse situations causing major stress can advance Dementia into further stages of debilitation.   *(They may repeat themselves often; listen to them lovingly.  Its OK!)

Dementia requires routine, peace & simplicity.  

My motto: "Keep it simple with Dementia"

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"Other Worldly Experience" Security-Management

  • International Jet setting experience with exquisite epicurean knowledge: food & wine.

  • Discreet courteous service ensuring thorough high security standards.  

  • Making sure foreign dwelling is properly secured.  All security cameras in perfect working condition. 

  • Monitoring security programs that no hacking has transpire.  Fireproofing all programming.   

  • Ensuring all my work is done for the highest good of all concerned & with utmost integrity.

  • Weight management:  Using Holistic Nutrition & Fitness as we clear any mental/emotional blocks triggering an unhealthy body image.  Adjusting body weight to proper healthy status.Weight gain used for cancer patients or others who's guts are in great need of repair (Malabsorption). 

Additional Services

  • I can work days, evenings, weekends or overnights.   I am experienced with 24 hour care temporarily or long term.


  • If day time is needed I offer nutritious yet hearty meals.  Delicious home-made soups, vegan dishes, raw-vegan, gluten free, meat & potato specifics or any others of your choice.   


  • All is prepared with dedication & most proper hygienics in the kitchen.

  • Providing herbal tinctures, infusions or treatments for proper digestion, systematic tonification & for topical uses.

House managing:

Training housekeepers on holistic methods used for cleaning.  These methods are important if  client has skin or respiratory conditions such as COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). 


Using the gentlest yet most powerful methods to keep a clean & properly sanitary home.   Some of these methods are used by the Ritz-Carlton & specific resorts leisured by the most impeccable Eco-friendly tastes.                              

Computer Work:

Basic to advance computer knowledge.  


Full capacity to download/install any Linux operating system as an alternative to Microsoft Windows.

Preparing the BIOS for proper start-up if usage is for transitional purposes.   Or for trial experimentation purposes if in doubt of the risky Microsoft 'safety measures'.  

Linux Kernels chosen with the longest support term & most compatible to Operating System now in place.   Familiarity is key when choosing a Kernel.

If the choice is to remain with Windows & Linux simultaneously then a permanent partitioning would ensure usage of both.    If only Linux is desired then the complete overtake of Windows would ensure only Linux is in place. 

Replacing hardrive (if needed) with the more efficient & secure SSD Drive (Solid State Drive).   


Email, Encryption & Servers

(that respect your privacy 

and do not sell your information)

Computer Work
weight management

Languages Spoken

Fluent English & Spanish both oral & written. 

Spanish is my native language.  And I have mastered the English language since the 1980's.  

I was born in beautiful Spain where I grew up until my teenage years 

Professional Goals

​Staying away from the rat/race world of the corporate work environment is essential to me.  

My advancement in life & desire to fulfil my financial responsibilities would be more rewarding if I could domestically connect with those that would appreciate my dedication & commitment to this purpose. 

CPR/AED: Red Cross Certification (current)
Home Health Aid
Dementia Training & hands on Experience
Aids (HIV) training & safe blood interaction protocol (in situations of minor cuts or injury)
Proper hygienic protocol in all situations of domestic care.  Safety Protocols for risk of falling clients
electromagnetic restoration (biological)
Continuous studies: 1996 to present
Advanced holistic training & Practice
Please see my extensive resume, education  & writings on this most important subject.
to see click in the books-link below.
Guided Consultations for Global Experience
(derived from my own experience)
epicurean global experience - food, wine!     Knowledge of world travelling sights & currency affairs.  Currency knowledge used for the better use of the dollars when travelling abroad.   Working where the dollar is weak for a better return of my money ~ Once exchange rate is established & currency is back to US dollars  
If working abroad is desired there are very reputable agencies with lucrative positions.  one can be of great service without having to be a butler.  London, Belgium, Munich, New York are some of the cities where such agencies are found.   If being a butler is your desire there are many schools guided & even Taught by such agencies.   I can also guide you to the agency most suitable to your traveling region or to the school connected to such agencies
Monaco & Gibraltar are some of the other choices for safely working abroad.
The creme of the creme sought
traveling security personnel - bodyguards - fitness trainers - Chefs 
personal assistants -  language translators - computer experts
matured & experienced traveling nannies  - executive housekeepers
Connoisseurs (antiques & fine art) - personal shoppers (fashion advisers)
holistic consultants - traveling nurses - Caregiver-companions
Volunteer Work Abroad:
There are many opportunities to experience the world in ways that can serve those in need.   
If you wished to take this route I can help you align with specific sources that can help you connect with people or organizations that serve the poor or elderly in need.  
There are many elders that are destitute or simply abandoned by their family unit.   If Spain is your region of choice I can help you more freely.    There are nuns that take care of these elders.    Some i have known since I was a child.    Others I have volunteered myself.
if you wished to donate instead you can do so directly.   Just google 'Las hermanas de los anzianos desamparados, Spain'.    Choose the region of your choice & speak to the mother in charge.   
~May god bless your every step~
~ Happiness is a good choice ~
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Linda Halliburton


Text or Call:  941-877-0558


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 May the Blessings Be


Clear Background Screening Level 2 : state & national fingerprint based check.

By AHCA: Agency for Health Care Administration:  Record Keeping Office: Tallahassee, FL. 


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