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Restoring the Original Divine Blueprint of soul

Through Holographic Quantum Healing

My original website is under construction so this page is very minimum.  Just know there are many issues, healings & solutions not mentioned here.   I have tackled many thousands & counting!  

                   Read at your leisure - May the blessings Be!

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Upper dimensional Medical intuitive


Sacred Geometry Expertise; Divine Mathematical Alchemist




The Basics:                                                                                         

*Clearing the victim/victimizer programing.  Restoring self sovereignty & Power. 

*Toxicity Sweep 


*Updating the Nervous System, Endocrine System, Immune System, Circulatory (all systems)

*Updating the Meridians, the Nadis & all interconnecting Circuitries. 

*Neural Pathways connectivity - upper dimensional detection.  


*Electromagnetic Restoration.  4G/5G Radiation Clearing.

*Astrological karmic clearings - this galaxy & beyond.   


The Advanced: 

*DNA clearings / Telomere repair  -  Cellular karmic release / Subatomic adjustments.   

*Inner Light-body Activations. 

*Ascension Reading for Zero Point Polarity - Updating all Divinely Coded Files.  


*Plus any other clearings &/or updates of the moment. 



SCANNING THE BODY:  Healings - Cellular Repair - Toxicity Sweep

These Healings are Holographic in nature, reaching all Quantum levels of the soul's vast spiritual anatomy.   *Profound Healings that will trigger a soothing effect on all biological processes.     

They are Designed for those experiencing emotional stress, energy blocks or for anyone dealing with physical issues such as headaches, allergies, PAIN, trauma or debilitation.  Also for those ready for their Light-Body-Actication-Next-Level-Awakening!

We begin by clearing any karmic patterns held at the cellular level & transmuting all residuals.  As I attune into your issues.. many healing frequencies become activated in accordance with the healing needed.  


An essential part of each session is updating all bodily Systems, Organs, Energy Channels & Meridians.  This reaches all biological processes through the blissful domino effect of Quantum Healing.​  As time goes by the body becomes stronger yet lighter & more youthful.



Because my work is holographic I will be able to detect Planetary or Mass  Collective Karma.  Much of what people are carrying is not even theirs.  I will be able to tell you what is yours & what you are carrying from others.  If personal issues are  mixed with mass collective karma.. the increase in frequency can really debilitate the person.   ​This can be felt in any of the bodies: physical, emotional, astral or soul.

Anytime there is an illness., the core cause is often karmic in nature.  There are many levels & layers of karma.  Once in session I can go into personal detail & decipher what aspects of Self are out of dimensional harmonics.


Karmic Clearings are the main core part of each session.  If you are up-to-date with your Karmic Clearings then the inner Light-Body Activations become ready for approval.   

For Light body Activations, Activations for Ascension & Dimensional Upgrades: 

Please see:  Advance Healings.    



What to expect:   


When there is trauma in the body the soul separates from its center point.  This creates fragments to the soul structure while adding more distress, pain & trauma to the physical conduits.   This is a pattern that keeps the Karmic-Wheel in constant motion.  A perpetual constancy of separation that instills lesions to the Energetic Pathways.   


The Pathways are what connects all bodies & level of consciousness in one harmonic point of unity.   

With these healings the Soul comes more fully into the body & the feeling of Radiant BLISS starts its GRADUAL descent.   Healing then takes place as it is gifted for the lessons learnt & by unifying all the bodies. 

BLISS is your Original Spiritual Heritage., which was much  forgotten as we 'walked' through these Corridors of Time we call Life!     

As one heals all issues are replaced with a New Divine Blueprint of health, happiness & freedom.    Using Cosmic Mathematics (Sacred Geometry) allows for quantum level programming deletion & further activation of replacements!  

This was written in service to Biological-Ascension - Christ Code-Awakening:

Healing of the masses!


Copyright Protection:



All Healings are Christed-Coded in service to safe Biological Ascension.















Phone Sessions: 

Specials until further notice

1 hour: $100

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