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My specifics with Dementia.

I specialize in moderate to advanced Dementia. 


When specific triggers occur  I work  in accordance with the uniqueness of each situation using mental stimulating techniques that assert mental alertness & capacitation.  These are done through SELF WORTHY endeavours or conversations most appropriate to the situation.


When complications arise I am able to identify the trigger response that may bring them into a (previous) happier state.  This is done through the activation of specific memories mentioned by said client during previous conversations or during my gentle evaluating routines.  

Through my discoveries I've found many loopholes that can be accessed lovingly & compassionate:


Normally there is ONE specific trigger that brings their mind back to some "normalcy".  (A sole trigger that works every time).  I call it the Trigger of Happiness... good memories brought to the present allowing for a diminishing of (imagined or real) 'suspicions that all is wrong in the world. 

Dementia is a vast complicated illness.   The specifics mentioned here are just one of the many that I have experienced in my 20 plus years of serving the elderly.   


The Mental Entanglements of Dementia (as I call it) can easily deteriorate many aspects of one's life.  It is my purpose to continue to learn & provide intelligent yet compassionate interactions that can stabilize the situation rather than advancing it further.

Keys to stabilizing Dementia:

Patience, Unconditional Love & Very Little Change is key for a successful interaction with those afflicted with Dementia.    Any big changes or adverse situations such as trauma or major stress can advance Dementia into further stages of debilitation.  

Dementia requires routine, peace & simplicity.  

My motto: "Keep it simple with Dementia"


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