Senior Lady of the House


Much accompaniment is provided by me when the senior lady wants to leave alone or just shop till the wee hours of the day or night.    This can happen at the drop of the hat or as unexpectedly as if she receives a call from any of her social elite connections: 
"lets have a bite... you choose the place I choose the time"  

Due to her age (yet still mentally youthful & alert) she is the most vulnerable of all.  For that reason she gets my full undivided attention (without being overbearing or intrusive).   And my vigilance is never really noticed!

Lets not forget that not all is danger. 

But as Security Managers one has to see all possibilities for good and for bad.  Intelligent, Calm Discernment is key.  


All situations must be mentally played out in order to attend to... if any derivatives or actual occurrences ever happen to transpire.  Meanwhile the lady is happy.   I am just her "loyal companion" & all is well in the world.  


Discretion Discernment Disguise. 

For the highest good of the senior lady of the house or any other vulnerable such as children or grandchildren!